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A collection of projects I’ve worked on over the ages. I try and write as much as I can about each one in the hopes of helping others past hurdles I may have come upon.


The static site generator that that produced this site. You can read more about Kackle or checkout the source.


I have a running wiki that I use to store information I constantly find myself searching for on the internet. Writing it down gives me a easy place to find it and helps with memory retention.

  • Linux References

    A collection of commands that I frequently find myself searching for.

  • Vim References

    Quick breakdown for the commands I find myself using most often in vim.

  • Selinux References

    My working documents for managing and deploying selinux modules at scale

  • Secure Passwords

    One liner scripts to generate secure and memorable passwords.

Simple Email Server Guides

All of the blog posts and guides I’ve written about Email.


Presentations I’ve created and given. I personally use pandoc beamer with a custom beamer theme Metropolis.