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My collection of D&D stories and rules I’ve created over years of playing 3.5 and Pathfinder. Over the years I’ve also worked on a few homebrewed campaigns. Most are tested through at least a few group plays but I make no promises on how fair they are.

House Rules

  • D&D House Rules

    The house rules I’ve created over many years of playing and DMing. They’re general enough to work for either 3.5 or Pathfinder. I’ve designed them to work independently of each other so only following a subset of them is encouraged.

  • Rolling with (Dis)Advantage

Shamelessly taken from 5th Edition. Fills a gap in the Pathfinder skill system that leaves certain classes (Charisma Casters) at a huge advantage.

My thoughts on character alignment and morality within Pathfinder.

Optional rules for characters witnessing traumatic events or having a crazy side. Use these rules to add depth but don’t cripple a character just because they’re role-playing.

D&D Stories

Homebrewed Adventures

  • Casino of Terror

    One shot I created in an hour. Really rough but my party ended up loving it.