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Casino of Terror


The party is whisked to a trans dimensional casino to enjoy an afternoon of leisure and sin. To their surprise they become swept up in a murder mystery by a man with absolute control. They will have to solve the murder before they find themselves bait for a much larger problem. Little do the party know they’ve been caught in a much larger trap by a sect of clockwork bounty hunters corrupted by there own form of justice.


Gery Weke
Male Human Fighter, LG
Str 13, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 12
Gery is rugged in appearance, with thick brown hair and narrow brown eyes. He wears half-plate armor and wields a rapier and shortbow.
Gery will use any methods possible to ensure the party enters
Anen Wyson
Female Aasimar Wizard, LG
Race: Page 7 Bestiary 1
Stats: Page 182 NPC Codex
Radiates aura of peace
Level 9 cleric who stands guard of the back room. She’s tired of playing guard and dreams of adventuring
Giles Cotte
Male Human Paladin of Iomedae
Stats: Page 117 NPC Codex


Clockwork Golem
Page 137 Bestiary 2
Inevitable Arbiter
Page 162 Bestiary 2
Young White Dragon
Page XXX Bestiary 1


  1. Wilderness Shack
    Party finds decrepit shack in the deep wilderness. Despite bareling standing up there is a massive solid steal door at it’s entrance.
  2. Doors Open!
    The doors open to reveal a huge casino.
  3. Welcome to the Hotel California
    Greeted by charismatic host (Gery Weke) who convinces party to stay with free drinks and tokens by a clockwork robot (Inevitable Arbiter) named Al Perception 15 :: Characters notice casino is FILLED with all manor of creatures from orcs to elves. Perception 20 :: Small clockwork devices fly around the casino aggressively cleaning surfaces
  4. Big Winners
    The party will find it very easy to make back their money. As money is won more patrons pay attention to them. The party is constantly offered free drinks while they play
  5. A Dark and Stormy Murder
    One of the characters witnesses another patron get murdered without much fuss from the stuff or gamblers. In mere seconds the patron is killed and removed from the scene by a perfectly orchestrated scene of floormen and clockwork golems. Perception 10 :: Clockwork men (Clockwork Golem) quickly cover and disappear with the body behind false walls
  6. Party Pickpocket
    While a member of the party is by themselves either going to or from a story element a pick pocket cut’s their coin purse. Perception 15 :: See the pick pocket coming and able to avoid it. The pick pocket will attempt to go after other members.
  7. No Exit Plan
    To the horror of the now panicked patrons the entrance they took in is missing. Casino staff will insist there is no entrance and all patrons materialize through out the casino. If they truly want to leave they must talk to the Games Master. The party is offered free drinks and their choice of women (or men) in a cheap form of distraction.
  8. The Woman in White
    Perception 10 :: (Anen Wyson) A petite woman gowned in white guards the entrance to a hallway in a weirdly calm part of the casino. She has a white show dog by her feet fast asleep. If they appeal to her sense of adventure she is friendly towards the players. She realizes the party are not the typical patrons. Otherwise she is apathetic towards the parties issues.
  9. Hallways of the Damned
    The characters will become lost in the back hallways almost instantly unless a LG character leads. This is to deter access to the Games Masters suite. After 1d4 hours of wondering the party will find themselves back where they started Anen will guide the party if asked. She must be friendly towards the players for this to happen.
  10. The Man Behind the Curtain
    When the party makes it to the back room to meet Giles. He greats the party and offers his forgiveness for trapping them here. Asks a favor of the party in dealing with a troublesome patron in exchange for the money they’ve earned. He beats around the bush giving details.
  11. Thar Be Dragons
    The party enters the blackjack parlor room to find an enraged white dragon goring a hapless patron. Any attempts to calm the dragon down have been fruitless and the party won’t make much progress either.
  12. Back to Kansas
    Giles keeps his promise and teleports the party back to their forest will all of the spoils they’ve acquired. If the party has not amassed 2000GP he offerers up to that amount as a bonus.