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Rules for Insanity

A small set of rules that work with insanity and loss of mental status. The system works on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is normal and 10 is blithering idiot.

Every character starts at zero unless they wish otherwise for back story reasons. Any character that witnesses a horrific action has a chance to moving up the scale. There is a DC to save based on the significance of the horror that was witnessed based on the table below. When a character moves up the scale the character is shaken for 1d4 hours. A Critical Fail leaves character panicked for 1d4 minutes or until away from the source of the save. Major DM discretion is required when determining which save to use.

Horror DC Saves
HorrorDC Will SaveExample
Minor15Near life/death situation or jump scare
Medium20Family or friend died tragically
Major25Witness a massacre

Insanity can be reversed in a few ways. Normal rules for Types of Insanity still apply and a character may attempt to reverse the effects once a week by beating the Will Save. When a successful save occurs a point of insanity is also removed. Any character may attempt to remove a single point of insanity from a character with a successful heal save. This save may only be attempted once per character per day. It requires one hour of uninterrupted quiet and has a DC of 10 + Characters Insanity Score.

Insanity Scores and Effects
Insanity ScoreEffect
0Perfectly normal. There are no adverse effects for being here.
1-3Characters that are odd or have occasional outbursts. From this point forward add your Insanity Score to resist mind altering effects. Your Insanity Score is the penalty to add to Perception Check and Sense Motive.
4-6Characters that are generally unstable and have frequent outbursts. At this point add Insanity Score to Will Saves.
7-9Characters that have brief moments of lucid action. Each step forward in this and following categories requires the character to roll for a Type of Insanity.
10Characters are never in control of their own actions. If not cured character is considered out of play in a similar vein as death. They are as much a danger to them selves as they are to the rest of the party.