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Blog Posts

New Site for D&D Material

Needing a home for my D&D content, I decided to create a self hosted wiki

About Kackle

The what and Why behind Kackle, my static site generator.

A Hare of a Problem

With one final strike it was over. Howard the Formally-Truthful had fought his last battle. His body lay shamefully where it had fallen moments ago, his face torn and tattered. If only this was the end of his adventure.

Minifying HTML and CSS

All of the methods I use to minify the footprint of my website both on disk and over the tubes.

Easy Server Naming Scheme

Too much time and effort is spent coming up with creative and unique server names. This method will cut down on the wasted effort and remove the confusion as well!

Vim for Blog Writing

Quite a lot of issues I had writing blog posts in Vim were solved with a few config edits.

mu4e as a Email Client

A breakdown and config of my mu4e config I’ve been using recently. It’s backed with emacs and uses mu as a powerful filtering language.

Temporary Mail Queue Server

Useful if you’re primary infrastructure fails and you’re looking at days of downtime. This will accept any and all mail at this moment and will feed it back into your mailserver once it’s back online. This should be a last resort and only used if losing mail is a possibility.

Wrath of the Lich Witch Part 1

A side quest I ran when we were down a few players turned into one of the more exciting game’s I’ve GM’ed.

Basic SMTP Email Server

Summary and setup of a fully featured OpenSMTP mail server.

Automating Ports with Poudriere

Automating the building of FreeBSD Ports in jails. A fun weekend project I setup on a few servers.

Advanced PF Usage

PF is as powerful as iptables in a lot of regards. I’m going to beak down many of the additions I’ve made since I last posted about PF. This is more or less just a breakdown of my current running pf config.

OpenBSD and LibreSSL

My thoughts on the recent OpenSSL nonsense.

Basic PF Configuration

FreeBSD PF and config examples. Quick and useful commands with explanations for what they do.

Switching to Pelican

Thoughts on switching blogging frameworks.

Why I use Cloudflare

Why I recently started using CloudFlare and why you should too!

OpenBSD X11 Setup

My personal graphics setup for OpenBSD 5.3 running on my Thinkpad x230. All of this can also be found on my Github.

Adventure Into PCBSD

More adventures into the depths of FreeBSD and it’s derivatives. This one didn’t go so well.