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Linux References

A running guide of Linux commands focused on Red Hat Based Distros that I often forget.

SSH Control Characters

As with all SSH control characters all commands must follow a return character.

  • ~.
    Kill the current SSH connect. Great for when something hangs and you’re waiting for a timeout.

  • ~#
    List all forwarded SSH connections.


  • journal --since 9:00 --until 12:00
    Show system logs between those times

  • journal -u postfix --since yesterday -f
    Show all postfix logs since yesterday and follows logs

  • journal -k -n 20
    Kernel messages since last boot limiting to 20 messages


  • <c-b> :setw synchronize-panes (on/off)
    Synchronize text input on all panes.


  • sar -d -f /var/log/sa/sa15 -s 19:00:00 -e 21:00:00
    Get diskstats on the last 15th of the month between the hours of 7pm and 9pm.


  • nmap -sP -oG scan-results.txt,
    Quick ping scan of two subnets with greppable outputs written to a file.

  • nmap -sA -F -Pn <host>
    TCP ACK scan common ports without an initial ping scan. Good for mapping out a stateful firewall.

  • nmap -sU -A -v <host>
    Scan all UDP ports with an additional service discovery scan and with verbose output. Can be combined with a TCP scan using the -sS flag.

  • nmap --iflist
    Wrapper around ifconfig and ip. Very useful for quick access to important info.

  • nmap --script ssl-enum-ciphers -p 443 <hostname>
    Cycles through all the ciphers the webserver will respond too on port 443. Ensuring vulnerable SSL protocols aren’t used.


  • tcpdump 'host and (dst port 80 or 443)' -w dump.pcap
    Capture traffic destine for 80/443 for host IP writing raw output to a file. src and net can be used as well.


Merging in other’s changes

git fetch                       # Checkout repo metadata
git checkout <feature/branch>   # Change working HEAD to branch to be merged
git fetch                       # Fetch branch to be merged
git rebase master               # Flatten branch and set master as base. Use -i squash or delete commits.
git checkout master             # Change head to master branch
git merge <feature/branch>      # Move master branch up to HEAD
git push origin master          # Push new rebased master to origin server

Rebase onto master

git checkout -b <feature/new_branch>    # Create new feature branch
... Do Some Work ...
git pull --rebase origin master         # Shortcut for fetch + rebase

Often Forgotten Linux Utilities

  • lsof -c ssh -i TCP:22
    Filter to TCP port 22 and command strings with ssh.

  • lsblk and findmnt
    Tools for finding hardware block devices and filesystems.

  • dmesg -n 1 or dmesg -D
    Suspend logging to console until next reboot. Change can be made permanent in rc.local.