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Secure Passwords

Use these one shell one liners to generate strong passwords.

Secure Memorable Password

b="shuf -n1 /usr/share/dict/words";while :;do p=`$b``tr -dc '[:digit:][:punct:]'</dev/urandom|head -c3``$b`;[ ${#p} -gt 14 -a ${#p} -le 22 ]&&break;done;echo $p

Paste this into a shell terminal and it’ll spit out a secure and memorable password.

Requires the shuf command and /usr/share/dict/words which doesn’t come pre-installed on certain Debain based distros.

Secure Line noise Password

echo $(tr -cd '[:graph:]'</dev/urandom|head -c 32)

Great for passwords that are never rotated and not typed manually. Added benefit of not requiring any outside packages.