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OpenBSD and LibreSSL

I’ve always been impressed by the OpenBSD project. The developers do what is right, not what is popular or cool. This philosophy has built an operating system that is truly impressive while still maintaining optimal functionality. So when I heard the OpenBSD folks were forking the OpenSSL project I was ecstatic. A swift kick in the pants, a saying my grandfather often repeated when I was younger is precisely what this project needed. OpenSSL grew too big too fast and the original scope of the project was lost. The developers were more interested in writing code then fixing it. A friend of mine runs the opensslrampage blog and precisely outlines the problems the OpenBSD devs are facing. Less than two weeks after the fork the codebase has already been cut in halve.

So with all of that in mind I decided to give OpenBSD a shot and installed it on my laptop. My initial reaction was something between shock and bewilderment. Everything was working out of the box. I had zero issues with suspend/resume, CPU scaling, wireless, or even the media keys.

I highly recommend giving it a shot, you might be as surprised as I was in terms of hardware support and quality.